Crystals, Gemstones, Jewelry, and Good Vibes!

Joshua Tree Gems is a small business mom-and-pop shop owned by Allan and Carey Hays, located in Joshua Tree, California USA. We've been selling quality crystals, gemstones, rocks and jewelry for more than 30 years.

We happened into the crystal business one late summer day in 1991, while driving around the hills of Brown County State Park in Indiana. Fate led us to a tourist rock shop, and doors began to open. The rest is history!

We traveled as vendors for a few years, selling crystals and jewelry throughout the Great Lakes region and into the southern states. In 1994 we settled down in Allan's hometown of Muncie, Indiana, where we operated a brick and mortar retail storefront called Quarter Moon until 1999.

In 2011 we relocated to Joshua Tree in southern California, and began selling our rocks and crystals online as Joshua Tree Gems. Allan still makes jewelry, and we are continually expanding their inventory as interest in crystals and gemstones continues to grow.

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